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DMA TER is an online art studio that responds to interrelationships between digital technologies, environments, and culture. The name comes from our focus on “dematerialization,” as it relates to the current times and ways of making. Dematerialization: noun  in economics- the reduction in the number of materials required to serve economic functions (doing more with less). […]

Zoetope Sun Workshop Week 4 + Festival

Reposted from August 12, 2016 post by Genevieve Marsh on Performers Prepare One week until showtime! All the beautiful and thought provoking ephemera we created over the course of the workshop needed to find form within each other for the festival. Through our group planning meetings and reenactment from our arsenal of works, we strove to make […]

Zoetrope Sun Festival Week 3

Reposted from August 3, 2016 post by Genevieve Marsh on This week the workshop began with a two day crescendo- a twenty hour marathon to learn the nuances of theater with Ward Dales and Noelle Gentile. We drew stories out from within ourselves and followed our impulse to create collective performances on themes of current […]

Zoetrope Sun Workshop Week 2

Reposted from July 26, 2016 post by Genevieve Marsh on With intensity increasing our zoetrope experiments grew in scale! This week we worked as twinned groups, making two new zoetropes.  Reflecting on our progress from Week One, we drew the words mirroring, turning, and telling as guides moving forward. The groups explored new conceptions of surface, […]

Zoetrope Sun Workshop Week 1

Reposted from July 18, 2016 post by Genevieve Marsh on Creating zoetropes began! Workshop participants explored the property, captured curious elements, and brought them into the Mill as sculptures and videos. We explored each other’s works first in silence, studying the creator’s physical enactment of their own work. As the works began speaking to each […]

Thesis Presentation & Critique

A tour by the creator of major and minor works, including Homesteading the Internet and YouTube World Headquarters. 0:00 to 2:52: Introduction by my thesis advisor, David Gersten (Context for purpose of thesis) 2:52 to 22:30: My Presentation of my Thesis Show (Context of my work) 22:30 to End: Critical Response (Critique) by Members of […]